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Feb 8, 2013 1:00am EST
] "life of pi" is not a biography of governor chris christie. one that i did see was about the iranian hostage crisis -- it deals with a group of americans to abuse, mockery, and a mass demonstration by a furious mob of radicals. john boehner call that "tuesday ." we may soon have another movie star in washington dc. ashley judd is considering a jud insta mitch mcconnell. apparently her tax -- platform includes higher taxes, more spending, and not posing any serious threat to president obama's agenda, which is pounded the mcconnell campaign to label her as a copycat. -- prompted the mcconnell campaign to label her as a copycat. i'm still having flashbacks to be 2012 election. i spend as much time as anyone traveling around the country in support of mitt romney, who i absolutely love. every once in a while you come across mitt romney -- you just stick that thing in the back and crank it back up and he is good for another 48 hours. [laughter] there is one thing the media did not know that happened. a real good piece of bipartisanship. the president and governor romney did spend o
Feb 6, 2013 1:00am EST
antonio. san antonio is like my own hometown, corpus christi. you have a pretty good basketball team. i wanted to visit with you a little bit. i really do sympathize. we have a big problem. i think we all agree that our immigration system is broken. we have a lot of cases at our office. my heart is broken by some of the family issues that i see. also my heart is broken by the fact that many of these people who are in this country without copper documentation are basically an underclass and are not afforded the full protection of the law. andou're here illegally you see a crime on the street, you are afraid to call the police for fear of you getting involved in it. you're open to exportation by unscrupulous employers. it is a real problem. it needs to be addressed. i have spoken with a lot of republican colleagues. some of them democratic colleagues. and a lot of folks back home on the issue. it seems like the stumbling block for everyone is the pathway to citizenship you have been talking about for a long time. the promises of the 1986 immigration reform when it granted citizenship to s
Feb 7, 2013 8:00pm EST
way, i accept that, it is bipartisan. governor christie exhibits the same kind of responses and has a pretty high approval rating. so we will go forward with taking you at your word. we will have the kind of relationship where we can have a blunt, straight forward, fully disclosed working relationship. i think it is critical for us to provide oversight, the ability for us to have the right kind of agencies so we know where each other is and move forward together in terms of what needs to be done to provide intelligence to that needs to be done to protect the american people. i wanted to say that. i want to follow-up on the leaks because i have a few more questions. it has been discussed with others but let me ask a couple of other questions to clear things up in my mind. my understanding is that the associated press had information relative to a planned operation, perhaps it had something to do with airlines and explosive devices. apparently they had that for a few days and had gone ahead and released it. i'm assuming your answer -- your then calling the conference call was in respo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)